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EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION POLICY STATEMENT: Cinemark is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. It is the Company's policy to recruit, hire, train, promote, reassign, compensate, and administer all
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Please describe your job title and primary duty um Senator Marco there's three different job titles there's there's a box office there's like concession and there's like an usher or not sure be in that should be they usually are the ones who at the theater go upstairs and check the projectors change the films and make sure that everything going properly with the movie from upstairs just dealing with like the projectors and the screens and everything but other than that like they usually have to be a certain age due to that and because it requires being by yourself most of the time and they kind of got rid of with that because it's mostly everything's like automatic now so at the movie theater usually do one of the other three and the box office that's more of selling the tickets doing refunds and people need those and just some handling up front with customers in the before they actually enter into the movie theater then there's the concession stand where they buy their popcorn or candy or drinks or anything like that and then the usher extra has a job where throughout the shift there's like a crew of Usher's and they alternate from just doing theater checks and clean up theatres in between movies or doing Lobby checks restroom checks make sure everything's clean and then for two hours each other supposed to rotate every two hours they rotate so that they stand on post and then at the post is where people come back and hand their tickets they repel them direct them to the movie and show which way to go make sure that everybody is paid to actually get in so that these are correct number of people for the correct number tickets at what was your favorite part about working there I would say that my favorite part knowing that I get to work people out like and actually make money because the job itself I liked it because it would also have benefits to or you could also come and see a movie with a friend or something that made it even more of a plus but they actually work around my schedule so it's easier for me to have this job that works about my scheduled work people I like in being a nice friendly family-friendly environment so that's what I like about it how would you describe the application and interview process the application process when I went through it I would I heard that they were hiring so I went in to ask if I have application and wins like the next time they would be hiring and this was like October of 2009 and told me they would be hiring in November so I would I thought that ocation I would uh once a week I would actually call to check on it because I really wanted to get the job at the time and so I checked on it go stop by and see what's my application status then the last week of August or not August I'm sorry last week of October they called and gave me an interview timing to come on through so I went in ask me some questions about different things about movie theater or about my personal questions about myself like my interest...